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Zobacz, co media mówią o działalności Szkoły i Fundacji ASBIRO w Afryce.



Zobacz zdjęcia dokumentujące budowę naszej szkoły oraz prowadzone przez nas akcje.



Sprawdź krótkie filmiki, które nagrywamy przy okazji naszych działań w Afryce.



Monika Wojto

Monika Wojtoń
tel. +48 502 127 126


Ostatnie wpłaty

, ZS nr 1 im Cezaka, Zgierz750 zł
EM, 50 zł
KH, 101 zł
MN, 100 zł
KB, 20 zł
EM, 50 zł
MR, 15 zł
AP, 500 zł
PS, 100 zł
WR, 342 zł
KP, 200 zł
EM, 100 zł
JK, 200 zł
AJ, KIELCE200 zł
AG, 500 zł
BB, 100 zł
JW, 30 zł
WG, 70 zł
RŚ, 30 zł
KS, 20 zł

Serdecznie dziękujemy!

This is the second expedition ASBIRO Foundation successfully completed.

Linda areas slowly beginning to develop however for 17 thousand people’s there living it’s still not enough.

Father Jacek Gniadek manages all on site and informs us on current affairs.

Temporarily we stopped the collection of gifts because we are looking how better and cheaper transport these things there. So now we are only collecting the money for kindergarten in Linda.

If you want, you can support us here: DONATE

Thank you very much!

Find more photos: More pictures


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Blog about volunteering in Linda


Only few days left until we open our kindergarden in Linda! We are so excited :D
So many people helped us and luckily some of them still are ;)

Huge Thank you to all of you!

If you’re wondering if Linda is a place for you, if volunteering in Africa is sth you want to do, if you want to become a part of our ASBiRO family, there’s a blog, which can be very helpful and answer all of your questions.

This one is being written by Dosia, (in polish language) who is in Linda at this very moment

And here in first ten posts, you can find some useful informations (in english), about my african adventure ;)


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Everybody LOVES Livingstone


As always Fr Jacek and our great volunteers visited Livingsone, and as always they had SO MUCH FUN!

Unforgettable, crazy and exhausting rafting, wild and beautiful Views and animals during Safari and majestic Victoria Falls… Fall to be more specific… if you remember pics from January you will definitely agree with Locals who say that you should visit VF 12 times a year or at least 4, during different seasons, to see how water level in the river and rain create completely different view.

There’s one more special place to visit while in the city. Italian pizza place, where you can spend hours on enjoying delicious food, local beer and looooong talks about our kindergarden, plans for future, ideas and Mises of course ;)

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Volunteer’s ‘flat’ in Linda


Ladies and Gentlemen, This is our volunteers’  luxurious apartment situated in the centre of Linda. Comfortable beds, mosquito nets, fridge full of delicious zambian beer and most important, the greatest atmosphere created by hardworking, open-minded, creative ASBiRO volunteers. So pack your bag and try our penthouse out!

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We’ve just sent our second container to Zambia. Kindergarden is looking better and better and it’s thanks to you, Guys! Thank you so much! Właśnie wysłaliśmy pierwszy kontener do Zambii. Jacek i dzieciaki w Lindzie już czekają na Wasze dary, wśród nich gry, zabawki, stoliki i krzesełka dla najmłodszych a także biurka, komputery oraz krzesła do sali konferencyjnej. WIELKIE DZIĘKI za Waszą pomoc!

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Our Kindergarden is being painted by Beata, Justyna, Dominika, Adam and Albert. As you can see they’re working hard but having great fun as well ;) Keep your fingers crossed for their creativity! :)

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Rooms for our Volunteers


In June another group of volunteers will travel to Zambia and help with work at the construction site of the preschool. We are still looking for two people ready to join the group so if you are interested please contact Asia Sliwka (+48 883 310 152). In the meantime, father Jacek sent us some photos from the part of the building that soon will be ready to accommodate another gropus of volunteers.

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What is ASBIRO?

The only school, where 100% of teachers are entrepreneurs.


Ks. Jacek Gniadek

Jacek Gniadek

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Kamil Cebulski

Przedsiębiorca, publicysta, rektor Uczelni ASBIRO.
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